There are many different reasons for wanting to keep weight off the waist. For some, it’s because summer is fast approaching, and they want to feel comfortable by the pool or beach. For others, it’s wanting to take control of their physical or mental health. Carrying too much weight up top will also cause too much stress on the joint, leading to arthritis and other issues in the long run. Whether it’s wanting a healthier lifestyle or looking good by the pool, here are 3 filling foods for your stomach that will not fill your waist.

#3 Low-Fat Yogurt

filling yogurt snack

Low-fat yogurt fits into many different diets from the ketogenic diet to the Mediterranean diet. Nutrient-dense and full of beneficial bacteria that will keep your digestive system healthy, yogurt can be customized in many ways.

Adding peanut butter to your yogurt is an easy way of filling a bowl with a healthy mixture of protein and fiber to help reduce the risk of heart disease. Topping your yogurt with peanut butter is also great for those on the ketogenic diet who are looking for high-fat and low-carb options to add to yogurt. You just must make sure you’re grabbing the carbohydrate-friendly yogurt from the market shelves or making the yogurt yourself.

Adding berries, specifically blueberries to any yogurt is guaranteed to give you that burst of antioxidants you need daily to help against premature aging and other diseases. Blueberries have also been shown to lower blood pressure, which would make this the perfect topping for any low-fat yogurt.

Whether you add peanut butter, berries, oats, or seeds, yogurt is an adaptable enough food to be filling for those looking to keep the extra pounds off the waist.

#2 Fruits

filling fruits

Fruits both satisfy the sweet tooth to keep you away from candy and are high in fiber. Berries and grapefruits will keep away your sugar cravings, which can be detrimental to your weight loss journey. Foods high in fiber also digest a lot slower than other foods, meaning you will stay full for a lot longer.

Fruits are also a great source of your daily dietary fiber and vitamins. The dietary fiber found in fruit is linked to helping reduce cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease. Having a healthy level of potassium in your system as well can help regulate your nervous system. It’s no wonder people living a healthy lifestyle will reach for some fruits instead of fruit-flavored candy. Fruit is a great option for those looking for healthy filling foods to help get them back into summer clothes.

#1 Lean Meat

protein rich chicken

For those who want to have a full stomach and slim waist but want to eat actual food that isn’t fruits or dairy, then lean meats are the perfect option. Examples of lean meats are skinless turkey, chicken, or salmon. Lean meats are packed with protein and vitamins, but also have lower calories than non-lean meats.

Many pescatarians assume lean meats only mean animal meats, but in fact salmon, shrimp, and flounder count as lean meats as well. The higher fat content in lean meats is also a great choice for those on the ketogenic diet who need to be eating more healthy fats than protein and carbohydrates. You don’t need to starve to lose weight. It is possible to eat all these healthy filling options and keep the love handles away.