4 Filling Foods for Those with Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance

There are more than a handful of reasons that people decide or need to go gluten-free. From full-blown celiac disease to a less severe gluten intolerance, people often think they don’t have very filling options. Fortunately for those who need to take the extra minute to read through the labels at grocery stores, there are plenty of options that will keep your stomach satisfied throughout the day. We’ve compiled a list of filling food for those who need to stay away from gluten.

#4 Rice

Photo credit Suzy Hazelwood

From the recipe-versatile white rice to the even healthier brown rice, rice can be one of the more filling side-dishes for the gluten-insensitive. Rice also has many health benefits ranging from heart to nervous system health. From helping control blood sugar levels to providing a quick source of energy, rice is the perfect filling option for those who need to stay gluten-free.

#3 Potatoes

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Photo credit R Khalil

If you thought rice was a versatile food for filling gluten-free recipes, then let us introduce you to the equally resourceful potato. Potatoes have almost everything your body needs to keep you fueled throughout the day such as vitamin C and potassium. Naturally low in sodium as well, potatoes are a naturally healthy option to controlling blood pressure. While there are many ways to cook a potato such as fries and chips, we suggest keeping them away from the fryer and sticking with healthier options. High in carbohydrates and low in calories, potatoes are the perfect filling meal for the gluten-insensitive.


#2 Tofu

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Photo credit Buenosia Carol

Tofu, or bean curd, can take on the flavor of whichever gluten-free dish you are preparing. Chock-full of everything you need to keep your body healthy from essential amino acids to protein. Tofu is also a great source of calcium, iron and different minerals for bone, muscle, and cognitive health. The only downside of tofu is that eating it on its own can be awful, but luckily it can adapt and become flavorful in many gluten-free dishes. Depending on how it is prepared, tofu can be a really filling gluten-free option.

#1 Gluten-Free Pasta

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Photo by Engin Akyurt

The first thing that crossed people’s minds when they first found out that they needed to be gluten-free was probably that they couldn’t eat pasta anymore. Before you mourn the loss of your favorite Italian dishes, there is good news, gluten-free pasta does exist! Luckily, pasta-making companies have caught on to the fact that there are people out there who cannot consume gluten for various health reasons. Brown rice pasta, full of fiber and micronutrients, is one of the more popular alternatives as a gluten-free pasta option. Chickpea pasta, a higher-protein alternative, is another gluten-free pasta that also helps control blood sugar and cholesterol. Quinoa pasta, a plant-based protein in the shape of your favorite pasta noodles, has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels for those watching their glucose. So, don’t be upset if you need to go gluten-free. There are many different varieties of pasta for the gluten-insensitive that can be very filling.